digital art of the part of deku vs kacchan 2 where midoriya reaches out his hand to help bakugou up, right before bakugou slaps it away. midoriya is on the right and bakugou is on the left. you can only see bakugou’s face. the text reads: “You know the best way to beat a bad guy?”
digital art: shigaraki is on the left and resurrected bakugou is on the right, holding out his hand to him. you can only see bakugou’s face. he’s covered in blood. the text says, “Making them a good guy”

text paraphrased from this podcast at [1:19:05–1:19:30]

BNHA | Deku | Kacchan

the site divider: digital art of three four pointed stars; one lime green, one orange, and one purple
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